Mercredi 03 août 2011

China demands Vietnam to cease all infringing activity in the Nansha Islands

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 9 - Hong Lei, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday that China demands Vietnam to cease all infringing activities in the Nansha Islands. A reporter asked, according to Kobe Byrant Beatsreports, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman said China has deliberately cut off the Vietnamese fishing boats in the South China Sea oil and gas exploration ship< cable, a serious violation of Vietnam's sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the so-called, What's China's comment? Hong Lei said that Vietnam's statement is totally untrue. As everyone knows, China's Nansha Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty. Generations of Chinese fishing boats in the waters of the Nansha Islands Man On Beach. The morning of June 9, the Chinese fishing boats in the watersBeats Pro above the normal operation, the Vietnamese armed ships were illegal evictions, and the net result of which a fishing vessel operating illegally in the field with the Vietnam Oil and Gas exploration ship cables wound together, the more craft, regardless of the lives of Chinese fishermen, Chinese fishing boats drag down the line more than an hour. Chinese fishing nets in the cut initiative, the two sides before the disengagement. The more serious threat to the practice of craft, the Chinese fishermen's lives. Hong Lei said, be pointed out that Viet Nam Wan-an in China, the Nansha Islands waters for illegal beach driving oil and gas exploration and Chinese fishing boats, seriously violated China's sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. China urges Vietnam to cease all infringing activities, no longerMonster Beats threatening to take the personal and property safety of Chinese fishermen's actions, not to take the complicated and controversial expansion of the action. China hopes to Vietnam for the maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea make due efforts.
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Canada, a helicopter crash in which three people died

World Wide Web Kung month internship correspondent reports, according to Canada, Monster Headphones "Vancouver Sun" on August 1 news, the Canadian police said a helicopter crash on July 31 local time, killing the pilot and two passengers were killed on the machine. Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the crashed aircraft as a Beats Studio Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd. all about the local time at 16:00 on July 31st will fall on Stuart Island, British Columbia, north of Nelson on top of glaciers. Reported that the helicopter crashed before being executed in the geological exploration tasks. Up to now, the names of the victims is Kobe Byrant Beatsnot clear. Cause of the accident is under further investigation.
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UK 8-week-old kitten in the washing machine to be washed one hour

WASHINGTON There is a saying often said: "Curiosity Monster Headphones killed the cat." But the British one is only 8-week-old kitten has told us what is exceptional. Only called "Princess" kitten living in Aberdeen, Scotland, the home owner Susan Gordon climbed into a washing machine "to explore", and the owner has no knowledge of then shut the door on the washing machine water pressed key. 1 hour later, Susan was surprised to find that it's Dr.Dre Beats Pro actually baby cat in the washer wet, tightly holding a pair of jeans. Susan rushed to rescue kittens from the washing machine, send it to the pet hospital. Pet Hospital surgeon Zhu said: "Princess" is sent when the whole body was shaking, shaking side while bleeding nose, eyes injured. It was subsequently taken to the Kobe Bryant Headphonesemergency room, enter the oxygen, urination, put it in the water discharged from the lung, the treatment it was soapy water hurt the eyes. " Fortunately, the cat jump up another two days of rest
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American mother mistakenly wounded by a pistol when the daughter of two lighters

According to U.S. media reported on July 27, Banning, California City, a 30-year-old mother of a tiny mistake as a lighter pistol and pulled the trigger two Monster Headphones consecutive results and wounded his 12-year-old daughter. Banning City Police said in a statement on the matter,the shooting incident in 24 days. Rachel was 30 years old? Avila and her daughter are home in their first chat with friends, Avila saw on the ground stood a miniature pistol, careless, she mistakenly think this is a chic design lighter, Dre Beats Prothen get up and readily struck a bit trigger, trying to start her, but did not ignite. Avila so he struck the trigger, who knows the "lighter" actually fired a .22-caliber bullets. "Bullets hit the ground and bounced up and launched into the Avila daughter's right arm," police said in a statement. Avila immediately daughter to the nearest hospital for treatment, but fortunately the injury did not cause illness, has now been discharged. Police said the accident pistol is called "Palm Thunder" mini-revolver, very small but very lethal. Banning Police released a 27 pistol picture, and the public is advised to properlyKobe Bryant Headphones place any items like guns, "Do not free to move suspicious objects should call local law enforcement agencies to assist." Police are currently trying to find who owns the gun incident, the shooting initially incidental.
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After the strong earthquake in New Zealand fish survived 134 days without food

WASHINGTON February 22 in New Zealand occurred >in the city where Chrysler Teche Qi magnitude 6.3 earthquake has occurred, but not the two survivors of the human, Monster Headphones but the two profound feelings of a small goldfish. These two are called Sha Ji and Dai Fenni goldfish in the absence of food, nowater change and filter the case of live 134 days, until this month it was discovered them. But the other four two goldfish companions are gone. The two goldfish trapped in the tank Dr.Dre Beats Profor up to four and a half months, because they are located in the commercial street is blocked after the earthquake, so that no one has given them during feeding, filtration devices can not be used because of power outages. Bay Aquarium, California Montreal curator Paul that goldfish can survive the one hand, these two put the goldfish tank because the larger, so they can rock in the tank wall Kobe Byrant Beatsand the grass long enough to obtain nutrition . The other hand, the growth of natural bacteria to help purify the water.
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Foreign Ministry spokesman said China supports the re-election Ban Ki-moon

Xinhua Beijing, June 6 (Xinhua) Hong Lei 6, Foreign Monster BeatsMinistry spokesman said China supports Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General re-election, all parties hope that he can get broad support. A reporter asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has announced the re-election, does China have any comment? Hong Lei saidStudio Beats that the UN Secretary-General as chief administrative officer, working in all areas of the United Nations has an important influence and unique role. Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General from Asian countries, serving more than four years in time, to promote the United Nations play a greater role in international affairs has made important contributions to China for his work affirmed. China supports Mr. Ban'sKobe Byrant Beatsre-election, the parties also hope he can get broad support.
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